My name is Dr. Suzanna Vaino, and I have been actively working in the veterinary profession since I was 16 years old. 

About 15 years into my journey as a veterinarian, I began to notice a real problem in the way in which we approach end-of-life care. I want to be able to slow down and be there for our patients and their families who are going through this final and very important life stage. There is a simple fact: every life ends in death. 

Here at Doorway to Heaven we pay time and attention to the smaller things. We slow down and enjoy what life we have--both our own and that of our patients. We don't see twenty appointments in a day, we see a few. We bring simplicity, peace, and comfort to our clients and to our patients.




Prices are, Cats $250; K9 $300 up to 25lbs; $325 26-40lbs; $350 41lbs to 65lbs; $375 66lbs to 85lbs; $400 86lbs to 110lbs; $450+ over $111lbs (please call for accurate pricing for dogs over 111lbs). Please keep in mind that this is a general price guide; please contact me for an exact quote, which could be lower or higher depending on the situation.

I charge a travel fee depending on how far you are from my home. For up to 20 DRIVING minutes each way (not miles--actual driving minutes per GPS) there is no travel fee. 21-30 driving minutes, travel fee is $125; 31-40 driving minutes, travel fee is $250. Over 41 minutes, please call for a quote. I am unable to serve your needs for driving distances more than 45 minutes in each direction.  Any tolls incurred during travel (each way) are added to the final bill and I will provide you with receipts.

If cremation is desired, there are two local pet crematories. We can either have the crematory pick up remains as soon as I’m finished, or you can bring remains to the crematory yourself. In Atlantic County, I recommend Rainbow Bridge In Cape May County, I recommend Pets at Peace


Hospice, Pain Management, Palliative Care

If you and your pet are not quite ready for humane euthanasia, Doorway to Heaven can help your pet with “comfort care” in those last remaining days, weeks (or even months). It is important to remember that palliative care is not meant to diagnose or cure any ailment; rather, it is intended to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, even when you may have been told that “nothing more can be done.” Hospice care is especially popular for large-breed dogs who may not be able to get up and into the car without pain and discomfort, or for pets who become nervous, anxious or even frightened by traveling to the vet. 

Dr. Vaino will examine your pet as well as his or her previous medical history, and come up with a plan to alleviate symptoms such as pain, nausea, inappetence, breathing problems, and other symptoms your pet may be experiencing. She will also evaluate your pet’s quality of life, and help guide you in making the final decision when it becomes time to do so. Before Dr. Vaino arrives, please collect your pet’s medical records, bloodwork, x-rays, and medication list, if available, so that she may review them and see what therapies may have already been tried, and what haven’t.

Our Pledge

You can only spend your last moments with your pet once. We pledge to you that we will do everything within our power to help you make the most of this time. From helpful suggestions that we've seen other clients enjoy in the past to always accommodating your requests--we are here for you.​

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