The next steps are simple and difficult. You may find yourself here because you are ready, or as ready as you can be, to say goodbye to your pet in peace and love. You may find yourself here because you don't know if now is the right time, and if not--when? Either way, we will help guide you through this process. That's the simple part. You already know what makes this difficult.

Step 1: Choose your Service

If you have already decided it is time to say goodbye to your pet, the service you will choose is Humane Euthanasia. If you are not sure and need additional advice, then you want to consider a Quality of Life Examination. 

You will also want to consider what aftercare you would like for your pet's remains if you elect Humane Euthanasia. We offer several options and are proud to work with two very reputable pet crematoriums so we can ensure that your pet is treated with dignity and respect and the ashes you get back are those of your pet and no other.


You can read detailed descriptions of all of these services by clicking the 'Services' button below.

Step 2: Book Your Visit

You can book online or you can call us. We want to make this as comfortable and stress-free for you as we possibly can. Whether you book online or by phone, there will be a 30 minute arrival window that begins at the time you schedule. Dr. Vaino may not arrive exactly at the start of this window but will be to you within it. This allows for the demands of traffic and the needs of other patients. Just as we won't rush you, we also aren't willing to rush the patient before you. If you still have questions before booking that we haven't answered already--now is the time to ask them by phone.